California Queen Mattress

California Queen Mattress
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California Queen Mattress

The California queen mattress is a specialty mattress size and at 60 inches wide, the California queen is the same width as a standard queen mattress. The difference lies in the length with a standard queen mattress measuring 80 inches long while a California queen measures 84 inches long. A common misconception is that a California queen mattress is the same size as a California queen waterbed. The industry standard measurement for a California queen waterbed is 58 inches wide by 82 inches long.

While not as common as a standard queen mattress, the California queen mattress is typically available by special order. Even though a California queen mattress and foundation is just 4 inches longer than a standard queen size, it is recommended that an extra long frame be used. This is particularly true when a metal bed frame is used.

A standard queen size metal bed frame is not designed for use with a California queen. It may not seem like much, but the extra 4 inches can make a big difference. In order to make sure that your California queen mattress and foundation is properly supported, always use the right correct metal bed frame.

California Queen Mattress Construction

Regardless of the size, mattresses are constructed in a similar way. Every mattress has a core or support layer and an upholstery layer. In a traditional innerspring design, the spring layer acts as the primary means of supporting the sleeper. The most common innerspring design may utilize one of several coil spring types. The Bonnell spring is by far the most commonly used spring type.

Other spring types include what is often referred to as a pocketed coil. The Marshall coil is individually enclosed in fabric and is said to relief pressure points that can occur with the more common Bonnell coil spring assembly. The springs are allowed to move independently providing more support where needed. Individually pocketed spring coils are most often found in mattresses that are more expensive than those using a Bonnell spring assembly.

upholstery layer or comfort layer usually consists of three separate layers of material, though this will vary widely depending on the manufacturer. Placed directly atop the innerspring is a fabric layer or insulator. A padding layer is next and can be made up of fabric, foam or a combination of materials. The quilting layer is next and foam is most commonly material. The mattress is then covered with a ticking material. Good quality mattresses will have a damask or woven pattern fabric cover.